I love holding space for women to gather in the flesh. The power of Circle never ceases to leave me in complete wonder and awe. Currently our 2nd Annual Story Sisters Retreat- 2020 is FULL. If you are interested in being on the 2021 Waitlist, please email me to let me know so I can give you first notice! In other news, registration is OPEN for the Celebration of the Kelp and I can’t wait to meet you!!!


CELEBRATION OF THE KELP; A Story Medicine Wisdom Workshop

Tacoma, Wa - July 18 & 19, 9:30am - 5:30pm

This is a learning opportunity but also a celebration and honoring of the Spirit of the Kelp and Women’s Wisdom! Come learn the Story Medicine Wheel Teaching; is it Woman herself as the Wheel. Learn the old, ancient Slavic custom of Folk Doll Medicine and Magic. Learn more about Kelp Medicine and why it is so important at this time. You will have an opportunity to craft a Kelp Doll in ceremony with me and then share the creative/spiritual process of your doll creation with your Sisters in circle. During this workshop you will be weaving not only a doll but a Protector, shamanic tool, rattle and journey companion to assist your spiritual work for the years to come. All materials will be provided to you but you are also welcome to bring your own medicine to weave in if that feels important. This workshop is the perfect Summer Slow Down Medicine for women of all ages!!!

$542.00 ($300 Non-refundable Down, $242.00 before July 1st please)

*Flight, travel, lodging and meals not included.

Interested in bringing this workshop to your community? I am so excited to travel with her! ($542.00 per person with a 7 person minimum please) Email me!

Note: This workshop is NOT an Initiation. You will not receive blessing to reproduce or teach Kelp Doll Medicine but rather you should consider this Wisdom Workshop a learning, healing experience and sacred opportunity to craft your rattle in a Story Medicine held space . Thank you so much for your interest in attending. 



Doe Bay Resort, Orcas Island - SPRING EQUINOX 2020

Rise~Flow Session - March 19-22 & Slow~Remember Session - March 26-29

Our 2ND Annual Story Sisters Retreat!!! I am calling all of the women who want to learn the Healing Art of Story Reading or reading the Tarot in a Storytelling way. Expand the way you read and interpret the wisdom of the Tarot and deepen your own personal Tarot practice. Find your big storytelling voice, expression and experience the wild magic of Story Medicine! Come for your love affair with the Tarot. Come for the longing, the yearning of stories and women. Come to be a holy witness and be witnessed in Storytelling Ceremony. Come to rest and soak weary bones. Come to sing with me! Come to write a powerful, NEW story. These 4 days are promised to set you on fire and change your life forever.

Our retreat will be held at the breathtaking Doe Bay Resort on dreamy Orcas Island, Wa. Sauna and soaking tubs are in short walking distance from our retreat house. You will love it. We will have very slow mornings for sleeping in, coffee, hiking or maybe a scheduled massage. Your investment includes delicious organic food and lodging. It also includes a love bundle of goodies created just for you. The total investment begins at $1072.00. Flight/travel are not included.

As a way to continue the conversation and connection after our retreat, you will be invited to join the Story Medicine People in our ongoing Story Bones Circle where we listen to stories created for the collective and gather each month to share our Story Work. Story Medicine is a long journey and the weaving here is strong!!!


Medicine Story Sisters Retreat has impacted my life in ways in such powerful and beautiful unexpected ways. I have lived a life full of ceremony, earth based spirituality, and continual self healing and development for over 20 years, so I had no expectations when I went, only intention. What I received was EVERYTHING I not only intended, but the woman sisterhood I had been deeply calling in for many many years. I uncovered one of my personal soul stories that has continued to nourish and support me even after my return home. This work is powerful, ancient and deep, it is culture shaping and life shifting. It will weave into being everything you have been longing for, seeking, and need....whatever that may be for you personally. As mentioned, I am no stranger to circle, ceremony, and gathering...But, Story Medicine Sisters is by far THE MOST powerful and seamlessly integrates into day to day life. Jessica is a huge grounding, moving, ancient presence and facilitator. Story Medicine isn't just a retreat, it is a way of life.....a way that is needed now more than EVER! I WILL be returning next year. - Meekah Sage

At the Story Sisters Retreat, I gained an understanding of what it is to hold space for women, and let myself be held by women. I began to realize the infinite possibilities there are for healing, coming apart (and together, and apart again), for clarity. If you know Jessica, then you know she is a masterful space holder and guide. At the Story Sisters Retreat, Jessica gently guided me back to myself so that I could write my own Story Medicine. Being shared the tools with which I could create my own Story Medicine was deeply empowering. As my story unfolded in front of me and through me, I felt the closeness and strength of my intuition like never before. When I shared my story in circle, I felt my consciousness of self fall away as the Story Medicine and I became one and the same. All the while, I was surrounded by women hearing me, celebrating me, loving me - a truly unforgettable experience. Thank you, Story Sisters Retreat, for your pure magic! - Ione F.

This was my first women’s retreat. Knowing my unconscious knew where to take me, I trusted it. Nervous and apprehensive, I did not know what to expect nor did I know that I was about to meet my long lost sisters! The experience left me whole, nourished and immensely LOVED! Arrived alone, I left with a family of 12 incredible women. If you have a deep longing and your inner voice tells you to go, this retreat is for YOU! - Natalia Z.

The Story Sisters Retreat was life changing. I honestly didn’t really know what to expect when I signed up, as I had never been to a retreat like this. I was welcomed with love and open arms from the minute my taxi dropped at Doe Bay and I bring that love and acceptance home with me here to NY. I have made life long connections, I have healed, I have found my family, my sisters, I will be forever grateful to Jessica for creating this most sacred space. So much love and gratitude! - Sherry C.

I had NO IDEA was I was getting into, I had anxiety, I was so nervous. My nervous and doubting mind kept asking questions such as, “Do I really know how to read Tarot?”, “Will I be as cool or as magical as these other women?”, “Do I really even KNOW what I am wanting out of this trip?”, “Am I going to enjoy myself?”, “Will these Women like me?”, “Do I dare be myself and open up?”…. Still, I opened myself. I TRUSTED, deep in my bones that coming to Story Sisters Retreat was what my SOUL needed most. I craved so many things but subconsciously, mostly to feel reconnected with MYSELF and MY SOUL. Little did I know the power of ceremony was providing endlessly what I needed to heal and step into the SUNSHINE that was already mine. To sit in an incredible circle of powerful women, to open up about myself to them, to be SO RAW, SO VULNERABLE and realize that they saw, felt and affirmed that I too, have my own innate, core magic and that I AM in fact, as COOL and MAGICAL as each and every other woman was mind blowing. I have NEVER experienced/ felt more COMFORT, LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, or WILLINGNESS TO SHOW UP and SHARE with other women in my life. THIS is powerful in and of itself. To harbor such soul connections and facilitate a sisterhood where fully being seen in all of our twisted, knotty, dark, magnificently beautiful, bright selves was life changing. The connections to Spirit, to Divine Co-Creation, to other WOMEN so intimately and deeply, has given me such life; the fuel I have needed to continue on. OUR SISTERHOOD and the net we have WOVEN together with our Story Expressions, is priceless and unforgettable. I will always return and continue to SHOW UP to the Story Medicine Circles, whatever the form. I will soak up all of the JUICY LOVE I received like a cat bathing in the sunshines warm rays. It is 500% worth the work and willingness to find your own SELF LOVE. - Michele J.