story medicine TESTIMONIES


At the Story Sisters Retreat, I gained an understanding of what it is to hold space for women, and let myself be held by women. I began to realize the infinite possibilities there are for healing, coming apart (and together, and apart again), for clarity. If you know Jessica, then you know she is a masterful space holder and guide. At the Story Sisters Retreat, Jessica gently guided me back to myself so that I could write my own Story Medicine. Being shared the tools with which I could create my own Story Medicine was deeply empowering. As my story unfolded in front of me and through me, I felt the closeness and strength of my intuition like never before. When I shared my story in circle, I felt my consciousness of self fall away as the Story Medicine and I became one and the same. All the while, I was surrounded by women hearing me, celebrating me, loving me - a truly unforgettable experience. Thank you, Story Sisters Retreat, for your pure magic! - Ione F.

Medicine Story Sisters Retreat has impacted my life in ways in such powerful and beautiful unexpected ways. I have lived a life full of ceremony, earth based spirituality, and continual self healing and development for over 20 years, so I had no expectations when I went, only intention. What I received was EVERYTHING I not only intended, but the woman sisterhood I had been deeply calling in for many many years. I uncovered one of my personal soul stories that has continued to nourish and support me even after my return home. This work is powerful, ancient and deep, it is culture shaping and life shifting. It will weave into being everything you have been longing for, seeking, and need....whatever that may be for you personally. As mentioned, I am no stranger to circle, ceremony, and gathering...But, Story Medicine Sisters is by far THE MOST powerful and seamlessly integrates into day to day life. Jessica is a huge grounding, moving, ancient  presence and facilitator. Story Medicine isn't just a retreat, it is a way of life.....a way that is needed now more than EVER! I WILL be returning next year. - Meekah Sage

This was my first women’s retreat. Knowing my unconscious knew where to take me, I trusted it. Nervous and apprehensive, I did not know what to expect nor did I know that I was about to meet my long lost sisters! The experience left me whole, nourished and immensely LOVED! Arrived alone, I left with a family of 12 incredible women. If you have a deep longing and your inner voice tells you to go, this retreat is for YOU! - Natalia Z.

The Story Sisters Retreat was life changing. I honestly didn’t really know what to expect when I signed up, as I had never been to a retreat like this. I was welcomed with love and open arms from the minute my taxi dropped at Doe Bay and I bring that love and acceptance home with me here to NY. I have made life long connections, I have healed, I have found my family, my sisters, I will be forever grateful to Jessica for creating this most sacred space. So much love and gratitude! - Sherry C.

I had NO IDEA was I was getting into, I had anxiety, I was so nervous. My nervous and doubting mind kept asking questions such as, “Do I really know how to read Tarot?”, “Will I be as cool or as magical as these other women?”, “Do I really even KNOW what I am wanting out of this trip?”, “Am I going to enjoy myself?”, “Will these Women like me?”, “Do I dare be myself and open up?”…. Still, I opened myself. I TRUSTED, deep in my bones that coming to Story Sisters Retreat was what my SOUL needed most. I craved so many things but subconsciously, mostly to feel reconnected with MYSELF and MY SOUL. Little did I know the power of ceremony was providing endlessly what I needed to heal and step into the SUNSHINE that was already mine. To sit in an incredible circle of powerful women, to open up about myself to them, to be SO RAW, SO VULNERABLE and realize that they saw, felt and affirmed that I too, have my own innate, core magic and that I AM in fact, as COOL and MAGICAL as each and every other woman was mind blowing. I have NEVER experienced/ felt more COMFORT, LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, or WILLINGNESS TO SHOW UP and SHARE with other women in my life. THIS is powerful in and of itself. To harbor such soul connections and facilitate a sisterhood where fully being seen in all of our twisted, knotty, dark, magnificently beautiful, bright selves was life changing. The connections to Spirit, to Divine Co-Creation, to other WOMEN so intimately and deeply, has given me such life; the fuel I have needed to continue on. OUR SISTERHOOD and the net we have WOVEN together with our Story Expressions, is priceless and unforgettable. I will always return and continue to SHOW UP to the Story Medicine Circles, whatever the form. I will soak up all of the JUICY LOVE I received like a cat bathing in the sunshines warm rays. It is 500% worth the work and willingness to find your own SELF LOVE. - Michele J.



 How. Did. You. Know. I felt like my own ancestors and spirit guides spoke through you. Like an arrow into my heart, one of gold and shadow and truth. I felt so very seen. I cried tears of recognition. The sweet relief of having been seen and loved anyway. I feel my heart riddle has been uncovered and told aloud. Compassion and deep wonderment for myself, feeling completely seen, and receiving this kernel of truth about my own nature and that of the world around me - all this has been stirred up, been bestowed. Also, her voice. Chills. Thank you Jessica for following your gift, you will touch and heal many. -Jessica Hamilton

Her Story Readings are pure magic. I had no idea what a Story Reading was but I knew I wanted to receive her unique medicine. I received a tarot spread and an mp3 of my story, told in the ancient way of her people. I wish that every being on the planet could receive this gift. She speaks to your deepest essence. I kept wondering HOW DOES SHE KNOW? It feels like pure love, the kind that witnesses the deepest parts of you, even the shadowy bits, and says you are magnificent.  -Jenn Gallucci

I received Jessica’s reading as a birthday gift from one of my dearest friends. I was turning 40, my life had just taken a scary dark turn and Jessica knew none of this when my story was requested from her. I knew nothing of Jessica. I received my story reading a few days after my birthday. It appeared in my inbox at just the right moment. I didn’t even know it but I needed to hear the story of Mother Magenta and her medicine blanket. I needed the literal meanings and yearned for the deeper story being told to me from this bit of technology. Jessica and I spoke a few days later, a profound conversation that helps get me out of bed everyday. I am grateful for Jessica’s presence and understanding in and of this Universe. She is Healer. - Ammie Murray Allen

My reading from Jessica was beyond any reading I have ever experienced! She has an amazing gift. Not only to provide a beautiful service but her story telling and intuitive precision is incredible. Her reading told a story of something I had always felt so deep down it was part of my subconscious awareness waiting to come to the surface. It was a story and a reading that I’ve needed to hear for a long time and at the same time it came at a moment in my life. That prepared me for an intense week in my life that I just got through. I was able to navigate that week with so much more clarity, poise, direction and intention because of this reading. So much still to process and I am so grateful I found Jessica! - Alana Barrey

It took me a while longer to truly soak up all the MEDICINE aspect of story medicine and here’s why! Jessica’s reading arrived at a time of great change in my life- so exactly when I needed to hear it. When I first heard Jessica’s beautiful voice I got chills, and her story exactly touched on some raw and (for me) scary feelings I had been thinking on for a while... except to hear them in Jessica’s magical storytelling way, in her voice, immediately took that fear away. I listened to my story again and again, and every time felt more brave, more heard. Yes, this was my story. And yet there were still questions- Jessica’s follow up was very sensitive and intuitive, and it was after then that I was able to make some life altering decisions, and continue along this new journey in an enlightened and honest way. That was the ‘medicine’ part of the story medicine for me. I love that I can listen to my story and even my follow up notes whenever the need arises. Thank you, so, so much for this beautiful gift you have shared with so many of us. -Katie Patterson

I hit play and the sound of her voice sends legit chills up my spine. Every hair on my body is on end. The message comes through loud and clear and suddenly Im not in my kitchen anymore. I am in my own medicine space with her voice serenading my soul. Tears flooded me and I am left in awe of what just happened. Never have I experienced a reading like this. This woman is magic. She has such a big gift and I can't sing praises for her loud enough. This whole experience healed a part of my soul in the most beautiful way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Deanna McCasland

Jessica’s gift of healing story medicine is exactly what my soul and heart were in deep need of. My soul is overflowing and my journey has opened up before me with more clarity than I could dream of. Jessica is flowing in her calling! There isn’t a better use of your resource! Her story medicine is powerful and knowing embrace from Spirit! Give yourself or someone you love the best gift of the year! - Annie Poehner

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first Story Medicine reading. I have had tarot card readings before, and consider myself knowledgeable and somewhat experienced with their use in my life — but I have never had such a rich and memorable experience as this. I was pleased to see the tarot spread and the cards that were represented, but hearing Jessica’s interpretation was the connection that gave the reading the dose of medicine that my soul truly needed to experience. Her story-telling voice is magical, as is her intuitive gift. I am blessed to have this story to remind me of my soul’s direction at this time. - Lara Brothers

 In hearing Jessica's voice spin a tale of medicine for me I was transported  into the story of my life in the most colorful of ways.  As I listened to what the cards, ancestors and Jessica had to say, the threads to a pattern in my life were being revealed and a beautiful theme was emerging; a pattern that has brought clarity in its own time.  The medicine that pours forth from Jessica is so distinct and potently hers and her ancestors; this medicine is powerful! - Nicole Providence France-Coe

The story Jessica shared with me was as expected - because I know she is a powerful intuitive force I expected her words to sink into me with truth and resonation and that is exactly what happened. I don’t understand how she does it but what a reminder to just TRUST because she spoke to me like she’s known me and my thoughts forever. Since receiving the story, perfectly timed, I’ve listened a handful of times always hearing something new. Her intuitive understanding of where I am, and where I am headed is like nothing I’ve encountered before. Magic. - Anna James

I took a deep breath, inhaled and pushed play. I had no idea what I would receive from listening to story medicine. As I listened to the words being beautifully told to me I found myself in awe, smiling with tears on my cheeks. I've never had an experience like this. This storyteller from across the country was telling MY STORY in a rhythmic way that was ancient but new all in the same. It was though my soul had been seen and weaved into a tale that had been hiding away for centuries. My heart's story there just as it was meant to be. My spirit was handed a key that it needed to unlock the space where my purpose was waiting. I needed to hear this story, to give myself permission to be. To be all the magic, to feel free, to see the moon, to paint my feelings, to be what the rhythm of life intended me to be. Jessica. A story teller of truth, of magic, of your souls' fire. Thank you, to a sister across the land. Thank you for seeing me, for letting me see myself. For giving me the key! I am thankful for you! - Lindsay Konduris


I knew when I received my Story Reading that it would be magical, because truly Jessica herself is nothing short of magic. I waited until just the right time to listen, when I could feel the fullness of her wisdom that reaches you from the depths of her soul, through her Jessica song. Yes, I knew it would be magical, but I didn't know it would leave me breathless. I didn't know it would evoke tears of wonder and awe. I didn't know it would shake me awake with the rawness of truth that I'd been somehow not living. This offering is one of the most beautiful creations of soul that I have ever come across. Jessica has done what so many of us yearn to do. She has found a way to offer this unique piece of herself that brings her joy while also serving the world. And this calling to her purpose is felt in the essence of the Story. I have been exposed to hundreds of tarot readers, many with immense talent. But this, this is different. This is so incredibly personal that it will leave your heart thumping and your soul cracked open. This is Tarot from a Storyteller of Magic and Mystery. Of blood and bones and spirit and heartbeat. I have never felt something so potent and powerful in a long distance reading, in ANY reading for that matter. I have never felt like someone just looked into my cards and saw the song of my soul. That's what this was for me. This has touched me so deeply, it is so powerful, so healing... I would wish a Story Reading for everyone. It is like no other. You will want to listen to it everyday for the rest of your life. -Brandi Woolf

I LOVED every part of my reading from Jessica. A true Medicine woman she delivered the perfect message from Spirit for me. I found the recording full of richness and healing to listen to.  Her voice is a method through which you connect with your purpose. Everything in it resonated for me. I had been going through quite a challenging time physically and my whole story was that of Metamorphosis. My world was turned upside down to allow me to shed my old ways of being and be reborn into life. Part of my path is overcoming many fears, and to release old beliefs that no longer work for me. It was a pleasure to speak with Jessica for the Tarot portion of the reading so that she could add insight to the recorded reading. Her insights were bang on, and I received confirmation from the Universe through her about what has been happening in my life, why and where I am headed. Her energy is warm and mothering and I felt so comforted to have her support. The most amazing part of the reading to me was when she described me as a cocoon, metamorphosing into a butterfly.  She said that she saw a butterfly over my Breast bone. This was truly wonderful to hear because what she was describing was a painting that I had done several years ago. Years ago when I created this self portrait with the butterfly over my heart I had no idea what it really meant. I felt inspired to paint one there. After all that I have gone through this year and then finding Jessica and hearing her recorded reading, it all made sense. When she then started to describe this image I knew that the painting was indeed connected to the reading she did for me. My Spirit knew 3 years ago what I would be challenged with this year. I sent her an image of the painting after our session so that she could see for herself. Jessica is incredible in her ability to open to Spirit and bring through exactly what is for the Highest good. She is a talented and powerful healer, a clear channel to Higher Consciousness. I shall be returning to her support as I continue along with the wonderful changes I am going through. I am most grateful. - Michelle Smith

When I received my medicine card reading from Jessica 'my story' helped me to understand how all of the pieces  would fit together. She created my story from her heart and when I heard it I found a greater understanding of my soul's journey. The medicine of my story taught me the importance of integrating all aspects of my heart so that I may experience life as one river flows. My story gave me more guidance in my meditation so that I may find clarity for my walk in life. Every time I listen to my story, I get affirmations, understanding of something new about myself or I learn more about my path. I am grateful for the medicine that was provided for me by Jessica and I would recommend it for anyone seeking guidance on their purpose and/or next steps to take in life. - Danielle LaBarre

Listen, I came across something so beautiful I had to give myself one, a Story Medicine Reading by this wildly inspiring woman from across the globe. I feel Jessica has this unique way of voicing nature’s beauty and I felt this urge to listen. I experienced my Story Reading as though it was a dream, speaking to a deeper level-speaking to what needs to be done, singing to my soul. The Story Reading and Jessica’s guidance sparked that inner fire that makes eyes shine..aahhh, I just love it. Thank you so much Jessica, for bringing this beauty medicine in the world! - Karolien De Belder

Jessica's story not only pinpointed my exact situation, but it also showed me how  to move forward and what to look forward to. Behind the pretty gates I've built for my soul is fertile ground of creativity. I have stop fearing what my place in the world is going to look like and instead just exist, take up space, and speak my truth. Being bold and speaking up isn't always in me, but I know I've got a colorful explosion within me just waiting to burst out. -Kelley Mc Conville

I’ve known Jessica since high school.  Back then, I loved her singing voice.  She had such natural talent - and I remembered thinking that some day she’d use her voice and build a career around it.  Several years later, I’ve come to find out that she definitely does use her voice, but in a way that I never could have imagined!  Jessica is a great example of this generation’s healers.  We use what we have and sing, move, and dance with it.  Her stories of passing down her Grandmother’s stories. To her children made me want to dig deeper into my own maternal lineage.  And now, I currently am working on my own career change which I hope to launch in the latter half of 2018.  All in all, Jessica helped me to acknowledge who I am as a woman.  She has reminded me how vital it is to honor all all aspects of my life while still staying true to who I am.  Thank you, Jessica! - Teresa Sagapolutele

When I saw the Story Reading offer by Jessica I knew immediately that I needed to get one, and when I did, it proved to be a great blessing. The medicine is not just in the story but in how it is being told, it resonated directly with my soul and continues to move within me. I’ve already received such great healing from it. Thank you Jessica for this priceless experience! - Aysen Farag

Jessica’s Story Readings  are the most personal gift you could ever receive.  They speak to your soul, nourishing and offering liberating insight to your path, or the purposeful work you are embarking on.  Sit, be still and get ready to listen to your magnificent story! - Suji Akai