MY story medicine tarot creation JOURNEY


My big, bold vision is to create the Story Medicine Tarot four times. I am dedicating each creation, journey and deck to a sacred direction on the Story Medicine Wheel. With each edition I hope to vulnerably share my own personal evolution. I love a good journey and the creative/spiritual process. This project is a true devotion to my own healing, art, writing, music and my Storytelling life. 

When the project is complete, folks can mix and match their decks depending on how they feel because all cards will share the same fire mosaic back. The Story Medicine Tarot will be the first ever deck that allows you to interweave your cards together, building the Storytelling deck of your wildest dreams! It's happening!!!



People, Animal Woman is DEEP. There are so many layers to the work we are doing, it blows my mind. I definitely had no idea what we were getting into and I will say we are learning SOOOO much!!! We got a strong “start” on her over the summer and realistically with all the other work we have going on, we are expecting to release in Fall 2020 but that is a hope at this moment in time.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased our first edition, shared it, hash-tagged it, all the things! Thank you to everyone who supports the entirety of this project, in all the ways. Story Medicine Tarot is “world-wide” in 5 of the 7 continents. It’s unreal. Thank you!!!!!!!!