These Mentorship Pathways were molded from my own Earth and tears; created to support you on your journey. These offerings are ways of DEVOTION, ways of the Woman who knows herself as sacred, ways of the Woman committed to The Power of Practice, ways of the Warrior Woman who hunts herself. My mission is to hold safe spaces for Women in all life seasons; those seeking powerful healing, direction, spiritual transformation and a higher creative ability. Walk with me and come even deeper into…YOURSELF.  


watering stories journey - 4 years deep


The Watering Stories Mentorship is a guided pilgrimage of the soul, taken for the love of the journey not the destination. Embark on a four year precious Self-Study! Each year is dedicated to a sacred direction and a part of Woman. This slow, long journey will gently unfold you into your highest and holiest expression. Your life is a precious gift, a sacred opportunity and each moment has the potential to be a Rite of Passage. This journey is a Divine reclamation of being and living from the center; the precise Mother Drumbeat that is God. It will be hard and it will be raw at times but it will also be the greatest gift you have ever given to yourself. Together we heal the stories that stir and rattle in the darkness and we shake them into new stories that raise your spirit up on the Medicine Path. We will cycle, move and flow with the Great Grandmother Moon Herself. Tarot, Voice and Shamanic Journey Work are some of the Healing Ways that we will travel on. With each year, feel yourself reconciling and arriving deeper into yourself. The wildest of dreams are only waiting for you to arrive. It’s time to come Home. Take my hand and let me guide you back to yourself.

Walk with me, Woman!!!


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wise woman calls - call by call

A held space offering you intuitive guidance, direction and support on a call by call basis. Leave with new perspectives, insights and language for forward movement in your continued becoming. You can expect me pray over you, use Tarot, invite you into primal voice work and or suggest specific ritual(s) at the end.

I will say these calls are a VERY helpful form of support but the most effective and transformative work done with me is through the consistent, long and slow format of the Watering Stories Path. Please also consider opening our work together by sitting in Story Medicine Ceremony with me first.

75 mins $160 ($20 Fee -New Client Intake) Limited availability.

I am currently not excepting new clients, please check back. Thank you.

mentorship TESTIMONIES

Saying YES to working in mentorship with Jessica, was also me saying yes to myself and my life, and a yes to coming into alignment with my true path. I am 6 months into my first year working with Jessica and I can already see the work I’ve done and where it’s led me. It’s a feeling of awe, like I never thought I’d get here, to a place of acceptance and confidence in my expression and my voice, to a place of real clarity and grounding in my spirit and how I now move in the world. Having a Wise Woman holding the lantern, tracking my path, has been the best thing I could have done to help my spirit move from lost to found. This work is deeeeep and it hasn’t always been easy, but to really let go of old stories, to evolve, I’ve learned that you have to be willing to pass thru the discomfort. And it feels SO much more possible when you have someone holding you through it. Jessica’s wisdom, unconditional love and deeply attuned medicine ways contributes to this work feeling so so powerful. With such deep reverence in my heart, I will forever be grateful for stepping on this path and for allowing myself to feel the embrace of the Story Medicine family. It’s a beautiful community and Jessica’s warmth and wisdom holds the circle strongly and with great integrity. For every woman longing to step into her becoming, into her innate medicine, who wants to meet and BE her power, fully and unapologetically, I could not recommend enough the support of a mentorship path with Jessica as your guide and sister. It’s been life changing, to say the least!  -Jess W

I am finishing my second year of mentorship with Jessica. This is my year of the Heart and my words will fall short in expressing the powerful unfolding that this Journey Into Woman has been for me as I dive deeper into myself and into community with my fellow sisters who journey along side me. Jessica’s capacity for holy space holding is unlike anything I have ever experienced with another. She is intensely present. She is deeply connected to her art of listening both to Spirit and to my heart. She creates a sacred space to foster all the internal life that is in all its various states of growth. In these two years, I have journeyed into my own landscape with an increasing clarity and passion that has been devotedly supported by Jessica’s tender heart and potent medicine. I have honed in and been able to hunt aspects of myself that I have been thirsting for my whole life. My lifelong prayers for inner reconciliation, for artistic Union, for devoted passion to my creative life, for relational healing and for wild freedom have taken shape and form in these two years in ways that leave me flowing with gratitude and praise. I cannot recommend this Journey Into Woman, Into yourself and into community with other devoted women highly enough. It’s all a journey of showing up and saying yes and this is one of the best yes’s I have ever embraced. Watering Stories Mentorship will call you home into your wild inner terrains. I hope that you will join us! -Flooding with Love, Annie P.

Working with Jessica has been medicine for my soul. When I started on this journey it was as if I had sight for the first time—Jessica has and continues to work with me, tenderly, supporting me in deepening my trust in myself and my seeing, teaching me what it looks and feels like to write my own story and to claim it. Looking back on where I was and where I am now, I see how I am coming more into myself, slowly easing into this skin, this heart, this soul and it's unique journey. Jessica has shown me that words are prayers. Her voice, her energy, her work is POWERFUL—you feel her when she speaks and can't help but feel called forward and upward when she claims her truth. This woman is powerful and so is the container she has created through her work, she is full of depth, presence, insight and wisdom that she openly shares. Being a part of this mentorship has given me so many gifts, has allowed me to see how I am showing up for myself and others and given me the space to allow, to be still and to move when it is right for me, reminding me that there is space for everything and that I am innately loved, held, seen and supported. - Kaitlin T.

I am in my first year of the Watering Stories Mentorship, my voice year. It has been a voice-opening, fear-shattering, deep and full journey thus far. Jessica fully holds space for me at every point of connection and offers loving direction in a gentle, yet challenging way. Ultimately, Jessica guides one back to one's Self. When I started, I immediately felt comfortable to bear my soul with Jessica. 8 months after I began, I continue to feel entirely safe and supported as I traverse the ebbs and flow of this healing path. A dear friend, who had started her journey last year, referred Jessica's mentorship to me. I am grateful to be aware of this sacred time of my life, and I plan to continue my work with Jessica next year. I am continually grateful to Jessica for offering her medicine work. -Megan M.

I think that Story Medicine found me, walking lost and calling in the dark. Jessica and the women in our circle helped me to re-write my stories. To envision my future self holding out a calm hand, guiding my journey, reuniting me with the strength of my ancestral voices.  She helped me find my voice, my power, rising from my own throat and reinforced by a chorus of women chanting encouragement, holding space, keeping me strong. Story Medicine is a path of growth and emergence.  A path of finding your own voice, and reinforcing a stumbling path into a dance, of finding your inner woman swirling in her own light with a pure energy and a straight and proud backbone.  It is a place that helps you lie to rest the stories of old and to re-sing them in pride to be the stories of new. If you feel a deep need to connect, Jessica provides a space of such power and positivity, awe and adventure, that you cannot help but RISE into your whole self.  She has helped me to jump further, off higher cliffs then even I had envisioned. - Ania C., ER Doc and Single Mother of 3

Working with Jessica has been one of the greatest growth experiences of my life! She helps me truly slow down and honor myself just as I am, right here and now, no matter what. That place of deep self-love that she facilitates in me is the catalyst for many brave, creative, and expansive decisions that continuously move me towards an ever more fulfilled version of myself. She holds up such a beautiful “mirror” in which I can see myself from different angles and in different lights than I would on my own. She has a wealth of stories, resources, practices, and activities to share with me at just the right time, just when I am ready for them. She has a terrific ability to track what I am working on and how it is unfolding in my life over time, to keep me accountable to my own intentions, while still being flexible and helping me adapt to whatever needs to change as we see how my plans actually fit with the rest of my life. And all of this is done with such sincere love and respect that I feel incredibly valued and “held” by her. Beyond the monthly calls, being in the community she has created has brought me to (or closer to) some of the most important friends in my life, and helped strengthen my ability to hold up a sacred mirror for others doing their work. The retreat I attended in March with her and 11 other women was truly transformative. All in all, I have learned to believe in myself, to use my voice, to say yes to my own needs, desires, and visions, and to gently *hold myself* at all times, in all situations. Being in Jessica’s mentorship has provided just the sort of structure that I have needed to help guide my inner and outer work over the last year and a half, and I am extremely grateful. I would recommend it to anyone who feels drawn to her energy and offerings. -Jennifer K. (IG: @aceoftarot)

The Watering Stories path has been a magical and profound experience for me.  Jessica has supported me in opening up parts of myself that I thought were buried forever.  Just the word art would make me squirm.  Yet Jessica loved and supported me in such a way with our work together that I soon found myself painting and drawing with pastels. This opening has changed the way I look at myself, my creativity and my spirit.  I find myself more open, more grounded and more steeped in my own magic than I was before our work together. Jessica has a way of gently encouraging me to find my own deeper truths and desires while also holding me accountable to my intentions for each moon cycle.It is not a stretch to say that Jessica's mentoring has deepened my spiritual journey and brought me into deeper connection with my own stories and truth. -Angie A.

Since I began journeying through life with Jessica as my mentor, I've experienced massive changes in the way I see myself and my own lfie stories in the most beautiful and honest of ways. With her gentle yet powerful guidance and wisdom, I've discovered self empowerment in my creative and spiritual life that has always been within me, but lovingly uncovered with Jessica's teachings. "Watering Stories" Mentorship indeed feels like wondrous watering in the sense that Jessica nurtures my heart & soul with such love and flowing magic that by the end of each session with her, I always feel completely grounded, heard, and supported and ready to take on the world!  The divine wisdom Jessica channels from the Universe and from her own experiences as a friend, mother, mentor, artist, intuitive tarot reader, medicine woman (and so much more) makes each check-in session feel sacred and filled with lessons I've applied and will continue apply to my own life. Since beginning our mentorship, I've seen incredible changes in the way I view the world around me, my relationships, and most importantly my relationship with myself as a woman, my inner child, and artist within. -Alexa V.

When I first learned of the Story Medicine Mentorship, I was looking for a practice to develop my tarot reading skills, and I was drawn to the Story Medicine Mentorship because of Jessica's radiant energy that was present in her video about the Story Medicine tarot. I wanted to deepen my tarot learning journey and was intrigued by the narrative frame that she used, and I felt very connected to the playful and agile voice that imbued her work. I thought the mentorship would be focused on continuing to develop my skills as a tarot reader, but I quickly realized that this journey was about so much more than the archetypes present in tarot. This mentorship has been supporting me to unfold and uncover my own narratives--those I've inherited in childhood, through society, and the ones that I inscribe on myself.Jessica has created a container for personal story work and self evolution that is unlike any other I've experienced. I have felt so deeply held, witnessed, and affirmed through her space holding and the container that she has created with the story medicine people. The mentorship has provided a deeply loving, celebratory, and wonderfully challenging space for me to grow my creativity, to trust myself, to continue the stories I hold related to my trauma, and to create new narratives for myself. This mentorship has helped me to embody a bigger, bolder, more compassionate, and more trusting self. I joined the mentorship last year, and I feel so much gratitude for Jessica, and I am thrilled to continue with my story medicine journey this coming year. - Sara A.