Union Blessing Dolls -Wall Hanging

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Union Blessing Dolls -Wall Hanging


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Size: 21 “ L x 10” W

Union Blessing Dolls are traditionally given a gift to bless a marriage or union. But you can have these dolls made for yourself to bless any relationship.

These dolls do shake and make noise but they are created as a protective wall hanging vs. being an “everyday” rattler/tool. That being said, you should still take it off the wall from time to time to shake, dust, love, uplift your prayers, etc. Underneath the two being’s robes, their hearts connect and fuse together by Kelp tube where very special prayers and secret contents flow between them. The arms have been brought together and gently wrapped to symbolize the union’s longevity and deep heart listening. A nest is woven around the two being’s root bodies, the nest prayers are made for the health and well-being of the whole family, home and hearth.



I craft my magic dolls with wild ocean things like sea grass, seaweed and driftwood. Sometimes I uses plants, bones and animal medicines when I am called but I always use Kelp because it is the strongest heart medicine and dolls should always be made with the attention of a very loving Mama. I also use Kelp because that is my personal Medicine Path Teacher, the one I know best and foremost. I craft my dolls using the old, ancient Slavic Wisdom that runs through me strong like a river. My work is very closely inspired by the Motanka Tradition. I let my hands flow and follow my heart! My prayer is that my Kelp Doll Work offers both Healing and Protection to as many women as possible. My dream is to preserve my heritage and bring back the teaching of Folk Doll Magic.

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