Large Ceremonial Kelp Cup


Large Ceremonial Kelp Cup


Wheel thrown with love!!!



I announce New Moon Blessings with the dates below at 8am PST. This is when I will receive and process orders, first come first serve. Orders can be expected on or anytime before the moon goes Full. 

If you place an order 72 hours after the New Moon your order will jump on the next, upcoming New Moon wave and Full moon fulfillment. If you see that a New Moon is crossed off it is because I will be spending most of my time in Ceremony during that time period. Thank you for your supporting Story Medicine and her work flow. I am so so grateful for you continued patience and love!!!

Sat. September 28th

Sun. October 27th

Tue. November 26th 

Wed. December 25th 

Fri. Jan 24th

Sun. Feb. 23rd

Tue. March 24

Wed. April 22

Fri. May 22nd

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