what is the story medicine?

Our mission is to bring Storytelling into the world as a Healing Art and to keep Oral Tradition alive!!! But how?? Through the wild journey into Woman, that is our Story Medicine Tradition! You can enter into Her through Story Medicine Tarot, Story Sisters Retreat and Watering Stories Mentorship. See how Woman creates by supporting our Womb Medicine. We are here to rattle BIG prayers for the one, big Woman we call Mother!!! Welcome Home, Woman!!! We are so glad you made it!!!


womb medicine

Making and sharing my art is the way I bless the world. It is my purest joy and it is my medicine CAPTURED IN THE FLESH. When I am co-creating with God,  I feel like I am flooding with love for the whole world. I feel myself buzzing and tingling with life and purpose. My art is my prayer life and the legacy I want to leave behind. I am excited to be offering more creative workshops this coming year.