my Kelp rattle Doll Work

I craft my magic dolls with wild ocean things like sea grass, seaweed and driftwood. Sometimes I use plants, bones and animal medicines when I am called but I always use Kelp because it is the strongest heart medicine and dolls should always be made with the attention of a very loving Mama. I also use Kelp because that is my personal Medicine Path Teacher, the one I know best and foremost. I craft my dolls using the old, ancient Slavic Wisdom that runs through me like a river. My work is very closely inspired by the Motanka Tradition. I let my hands flow and follow my heart! My prayer is that my Kelp Doll Work offers both Healing and Protection to as many women as possible. My dream is to preserve my heritage and bring back the teaching of Folk Doll Magic.

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Kelp Doll Medicine Seekers,

If you do not see a form below, it means I am not excepting any CUSTOM orders at this time. Please check back soon,Thank you!!!


Energy Exchange 

To place an order, read through the following, return the completed form below and non-refundable deposit of $100.00 (Please send via PayPal to After your Kelp Doll is complete I will invoice you to fulfill your remaining amount. Shipping costs will be calculated and imputed at this time. Shipping and handling is generally around $18.00 but can be more costly for larger, longer pieces or if you are outside of the U.S..


By placing an order with me you must trust me and give me full creative power and freedom to craft your Kelp Doll in my vision. I will take all the information you give me below and weave it with my highest ability. My doll work can NOT be exactly replicated as each one is its own and I do not offer refunds if you are dissatisfied for any reason. After you have committed to placing an order with me, I will give you an estimated date of completion. Wait times will vary based on my current waitlist and workload. I will say, I create this medicine very slowly. I move with the moon in my creative and spiritual process so please offer me your patience. Thank you in advance for your understanding and for supporting my craft. I am eternally grateful and humbled that you have taken an interest in my work and I look forward to sharing my medicine with you.

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