Working in my Kelp Medicine Studio - 2019

Working in my Kelp Medicine Studio - 2019


Mother of Story Medicine



I have received so many powerful spiritual teachings in my life but those from my Grandmothers made the biggest impact on my life and work thus far…

My maternal Grandmother migrated from the Philippines in 1980 with a vision for a better life and 9 children on her back. She had 10 total. She was a Womb Warrior and Strength embodied. She taught me how to tell story by example of how she chose to live, speak and move through the world. She received her Masters of Divinity from Seattle University at the age of 60! Bringing people together was important to her. She believed in tradition, ritual and family. She brought me to my first Storytelling Circle around 10 years old. On my maternal side, I am first generation born here in the United States.

My paternal Grandmother passed down to me a different way which was much quieter. She taught me that each person’s spiritual life was unique to them instilling in me responsibility for mine. She taught me to always run back Home to the Sea, especially when needing to have a heart to heart conversation with God. She modeled to me how to fiercely protect and guard my solitude, how to do the Lone Wolf-Woman Dance. She was the first generation born here in the United States. Her grandparents and parents migrated from Russia in 1914. 

I feel so honored to have been brought up by such strong spiritual pillars and women. I hope they would be proud of how I carry my work now. I know it is because of them, alive deep in my bones, that I have the gift of hearing God whispering through every single moment. 



I grew up in the Pacific Northwest with salt, sea and trees in my hair and mouth. Underneath, my surroundings were coursing through my veins and eroding my heart! I LOVE this land and I cannot see myself ever leaving her.

This Landscape is me. I am Her. 

I have been teaching and practicing different forms of movement, meditation, storytelling and visual arts for about 13 years now but I carried Story Medicine in my belly for 29 years, much longer in spirit years! She is a true integration of all my knowledge but more so a manifestation of my diverse ancestry and a reflection of me claiming my Medicine Path as Keeper of Kelp Medicine and Womb Wisdom. This is what I am here to do.

Story Medicine was born on May 15th, 2016. I later came to find out that day was Pentecost. She came through the birth canal of the wise, old Skykomish River who called me by my name for what would be my Greatest Rebirth. She told me to place my dreams into her arms and that she would carry them out into the world in perfect flow. The birth and Spirit of Story Medicine led me through the belly of the Serpent, in a circle of course, to the Kelp that has been mesmerizing me since I was a little girl. I remembered who I was and exactly what I was here to do. The spark I had carried in my heart so for long was set ablaze! Since then, my Rattling Work has awakened, transformed and healed many; both people and stories alike. Story Medicine is centered around the powerful green Serpent fire of the Kelp’s Medicine!!!!

I have been following my hands and my heart my whole life long! I thank God everyday that they led me to my sacred path and life when they did. With blessing, this Rattling Work has evolved into the Story Medicine Tarot Journey, the Watering Stories Mentorship Journey, the building and raising up of a heart-centered community and of course the Spirit of the Kelp shook free my own Voice and created in me…Master Storyteller.

I came Home by following the River’s Song and I have taken sacred vows to never stop flowing again.



Although I walk this very personal path of carrying, birthing and tending Story Medicine, there are so many precious hearts that sit around her fire and that are involved and participating in the “Story Work”. My partner, first and foremost, our 4 children, our Initiated Storytellers and a growing community of about 25 women. 

This is Story Medicine!!! We humbly invite you into her precious and very contagious magic. However you came to be here, we are overjoyed you finally made it!!!