"Everything you can imagine is real."

- Pablo Picasso

My Grandmothers were great spiritual pillars, they still are! Telling and holding stories is a way of life passed down to me. It is a sacred calling to hear Spirit whispering through every moment. It is a calling to weave all things into a higher vision. It is a calling to carry the light of story and I am honored, humbled and in awe over and over again!

I've been teaching and practicing different forms of movement, meditation, storytelling and visual arts for about 12 years now. My work is an integration all of my studies, a manifestation of my diverse ancestry and a reflection of me claiming my path! My mission is to hold sacred space for those seeking healing, spiritual transformation and higher creative ability in an individual and circle setting. 

My whole family is a part of this Spirit work, we do it together! It is our center, our guiding force, our devotion and our heart. Story Medicine is our way of life and we invite you into it with us because its time!!! The world needs story healing more then ever before, so let us gather around the fire and warm our bones!

Yours in Divine Grace,

Jessica Z